So, this is my first post. What exactly does one write in their first post? Am I supposed to introduce myself, or just get right into the swing of things and write about my day and my thoughts? I don't want to write something embarrassing, nor do I want to write something cliche or boring - as I know people will judge me by this. I'd like to say that I don't care what you people think and for the most part I don't, but somewhere, deep down I do.

For what it's worth I'm Ploy. I'm complicated and simple at the same time. Procrastination and indecision are my vices. I could waste both my and your time by writing a long list of useless adjectives which I think describe myself, but I won't. To sum things up, I'm really just an average teenager who hopes to get out of this place and make something of herself.

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  1. Ploy, your blog inspires all women around the world in beuty and fashion!i would just like to say i loved ur article about make up
    (major help)