We fly balloons on this fuel called love.

Cardi: Cotton On
Top: Supre
Bag: Some market in Bangkok
Bangle: Diva
Jeans: JayJays
Shoes: Cotton On/Rubi

This is my favourite top at the moment; I'm obsessed with it! The detail's so pretty. It actually looks better with shorts and without a cardi but it's too cold to wear shorts right now. Pasty scaley legs in shorts in winter aren't exactly the best look, but I guess that's why we wear tights under our shorts. I love that bag too! It makes me feel pretty. Those jeans are my new favourite pair. I've gone through heaps of jeans since the black Lee's fell apart but none of them felt right but this pair is filling that hole in my heart that happened when I lost my Lee's. They have white stitching, and they're so cute! They're not as skinny as I'd like them to be. Oh well.

Anyway I wore this to the cinema. We went and saw Bedtime Stories. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. It was so cute and kiddy! I actually liked it.

So right now I'm watching the 40 Year Old Virgin. Best. Movie. Ever.

And yeah that's pretty much all that happened today apart from me watching like 576387 Alex Gaskarth videos on YouTube. He's adorable! I like how I talk about him as if I actually know him. I'm quite the sad one.

Ok so tomorrow I have to start working on my Personal Project essay!

Ohohoh, Gravity's Rainbow reached moer than 100 plays in iTunes today. That made me kind of happy!

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