Oh, I can see now that all these clouds are following me in my desperate endeavour to find my whoever.

All Time Low ftw! Jack Barakat is a sex god. I'm pretty sure he's the epitome of perfection.


Anyway, Happy Australia Day and Chinese New Year! Today was really cold so I just stayed inside for most of the day. However, I did get into the spirit of Australia Day by having some Vegemite.

So, onto today's outfit:

Cardi: Forever21
Scarf: Cotton On
Top: Cotton On

Shoes: Cotton On
Leggings: Supre
Bangles: Diva

I finally mustered up the courage to use my Chictopia account and I put this outfit on there! I think it's pretty cute. The scarf's my favourite thing at the moment and I feel like that cardigan just goes with everything and the leggings, well the leggings are so comfortable and I don't have a pair of black skinnies anymore so they're a pretty good replacement. Thank you Alle for buying them for me!

Today was pretty uneventful. I downloaded music and have been playing One Week of Danger by The Virgins non-stop. The Virgin just ooze cool and I feel so indie when I listen to them. I also cleaned up my desk so it's now an organized chaos, as instead of just plain chaos. Hah. Whilst I was looking through all of my stuff I found my "Who Will My Lover Be?" quiz box thing. Apparently my lover will be a good looking, politically correct wanderer. Alright. I had a good laugh. I also played Cranium with my brother Max, and like usually I kicked his arse. The tet holiday isn't as boring as I thought it would be. I'm actually enjoying doing nothing! I have yet to actually do any work on my Personal Project essay which I promised myself that I would dedicate the whole tet holiday to. Oops. I'll start tomorrow. Promise.

Ew, I've over done the italics in this post. Gay.

Owh, fuck. The internet's stopped working so I can't actually post this now. Erk. Oh well, at least it's saved! : )


  1. at least you have someone to play cranium with >:

    nice blog btw :D