I'll throw these words out there like confetti at the wedding you and I never had.

I'd like to apologise for my absence from the internet world. I'm not busy or dead, just lazy. I've been super lazy of late. I just can't seem to find the motivation to do anything, and I don't know why. There's so much stuff due but I just can't bring myself to do it, like my One World Essay for Physics which was due last Friday but I'm only half way through. Honestly, I don't understand science anymore. I'm more artistically inclined and linguistic. Speaking of me not understanding sciences, I got my Physics test on Waves back today and well, let's just say that any hope that I ever had of being a physicist was crushed. However I never really wanted to be a physicist so I think I'll be able to carry on with my life. My Physics teacher didn't really appreciate my humour in the test. I hadn't started revising until the night before and when I went to look through my notes in my physics notebook, well there were no notes. One of the questions on the test was "Explain the difference between light and sound waves" so I decided to state the obvious and wrote 'Sound waves can be heard, but light cannot be heard'. I was expecting a mark, or at least half a mark comic relief, but she obviously didn't find it as clever as I did because as I was looking through my paper there was a big 'X' next to that answer. When I did the actual test I struggled through and did what I could. Once I finished what I could of the test I decided to draw a physics themed picture on the back, so I drew a rocket. My physics teacher didn't appreciate my art work either. She did on the other hand like Eva's drawing of a gargoyle and gave it a tick and wrote "Nice!". WITH AN EXCLAMATION MARK!

Last Friday was the Valentine's dance on a boat. It wsa alright I guess; everybody looked so happy and cute! I wore gladiators and my beloved black floral Cotton On dress - which I love; it makes me so happy. I got ready at Sophie's house and I was FREAKING OUT because when we got to Sophie's house she was without electricity and my hair straightener needs electricity to work and it was very distressing. After the dance I went home instead of going to Zoe's party, but dad was actually considering letting me go :o
Anyway here's the conversation that we had once I got into the car.
Me: Errrr.. I guess so
Dad: LET'S GO!
Me: Wait! What's the catch?
Dad: Well, I get to go in 5 minutes before you and pretend to be looking for you. I'll suss the joint out then leave. Then you can come in after I leave and think how cool you'll look coming into the party just after your dad's left and they'll all think that he's been looking for you all over town. You'll look like such a badass! Or I could go in after you and just hang around and watch 'til somebody asks 'Who the fuck are ya?" and tells me to get the fuck out. So what do you think?
Me: Fuck. No. 
Hahahaa, Dad's a legend (Y)

The weekend was good. It was really chill and involved watching lots of Skins and not doing enough homework, but I did do a new t-shirt design for my Personal Project, which is due really soon! Eeeekkkk!
Anyhoo, here's the latest design:

Over the weekend I also found out that Sukriti dislocated her knee during basketball practice! I hope she gets better soon! It was so stressful because she was hurt and because we had dance performances on Monday during P.E. and she's in my group. Luckily the Febster was very understandig and my group gets to perform later :) I feel really guilty for putting a smiley face in a paragraph where I'm talking about Sukriti's injury though. I hope she knows that I love her.

The weekend also saw me fall in love with Lykke Li and We Are Scientists. I think that Keith Murray is beautiful.

The school week up until now has been uneventful, like usual. I've just been getting more and more schoolwork. We have to write short stories for English class and mine's shaping up pretty nicely. We're also going on camp to SaPa soon and I really don't feel like going because I hate Sapa. It smells weird there and I hate hiking. Thankfully we'll only actually be there for 2 nights. The 2 other nights will be on the train which is equally gross. After the trip we have spring break, but I'm just staying home for that. 

Parent teacher conferences are this week too. I'm having mine on Thursday. I'm not nervous about them except for maybe math. Dad's constantly nagging me about math and the nagging's gotten even worse since I announced that I'll be doing Math Studies for my diploma, but I seriously can't do Standard Level. I'm honestly that bad at math. I've never been good at math. Ever.

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