Re: The word "Best Friend" becomes redefined.

I honestly don't know how I would top Jenns blog:
1) It was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes
2) Her title refers a Chiodos song. (For the ignorant ones out there Chiodos are a god-like (post)hardcore band.) Anyway enough, I did not intend to write this blog about Chiodos' greatness, I intended to write it about Jenns greatness.
Well I'm not too good at expressing my feelings orally (I did not intend that to be sexual in any way). I find it much easier to do so in a written form, and in a bid to keep up with this high-tech age that we live in I thought what better way to express my feelings for one of the greatest people I know than through a blog!
When I think 'Jenn' the words: funny, kind, beautiful, empathetic and br00t4l come to mind. She's always willing to listen, give advice and make me smile when I need it, and lately this has been a lot, and for her I'm always happy to return the favour. Although she's only been in my life for just over a year now I don't know what I'd do if she was to walk out now. Whenever she walks into a room she lightens it up with her warmth and energy, and with out her things would be a hell of a lot duller.
I always feel like Jenn's on the same level as me. She understands me. She's the only other person here who likes what I like. Actually she's pretty much the only person here who's even heard of what I like. She's also introduced me to a lot of new things, as I hope I have done for her too. If it wasn't for her I'd go mad, because she's the only other person here who appreciates the true beauty of hardcore and indie boys. When lip piercings, skinny jeans, fringes and tattoos are mentioned she's the only other person who begins to salivate instead of recoiling in horror. And by doing that she keeps me from going mental, well even more so than I already have and I love this girl for that.


  1. people who don't salivate at 'em boys have issues.

  2. *tear*... i don't think anyone's ever called me br00t4l before.

  3. :( the zeros don't look like zeros

  4. haha, it's very annoying how the zeroes don't look like zeroes which is why i changed my whole blog scheme and used times new roman instead of georgia

  5. ...yeah i wasn't that annoyed
    ahh just playin'
    and also shit, i spelt zeroes wrong (n)