So take me, and save me, and change me and then make me.

Well I'm back at school now. The past two days haven't actually been that bad. Yesterday I had yoga after school and now I'm addicted. I feel so zen now. The yoga teacher said that class won't be on next week because she's taking leave and I actually felt like crying. Today was Shikha's birthday. She's so cute. After school today I had math tutoring and I actually understood!
Speaking of school I wore a super cute outfit today. I'll post a picture of it up this weekend!
Anyway I still feel pretty crap today but yoga's helped take my mind off of things. I'm not sleeping properly and there's so much work to get done. I also still feel really lonely. It's sad how the only people I can really talk to live thousands of miles away.
What else...? Mum and Dad keep being super annoying and saying that it's less than 20 weeks until we go back to Melbourne. Only 20 weeks. 20 weeks is a lifetime for some.
This is just a quick post because school's taking over my life, I'll write more later. Erkkk.

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  1. awwwww, don't worry 20 weeek sshall comee :)

    i didn't know you haad a blog

    ahaha, but i know now :)

    why have you been feeling crap?