All Time Low

As of right now I'm pretty much at my 'all time low' because of All Time Low. 'Why is that Ploy?' you ask. Okay I'll tell you. Well All Time Low are playing 2 shows in Melbourne this June just over a week before I'll be coming to Melbourne for 2 months for the summer, well winter in Melbourne. Anyway this means that my future plans have pretty much been shat on. 'What future plans Ploy?' you ask. Well my good friend, I was planning on meeting Jack Barakat after a gig and I would catch his eye. We'd the proceed to talk and keep in touch. Then once I was old enough I'd go to L.A. or Maryland, where ever he may be at that given point in time, for uni and a job. Then we would fall in love and frequent the night life and he'd take me shopping regulararly. Eventually we'd decide to settle down and buy a two storey house with a front and back yard with a white picket fence and window boxes. But now this will never happen. FML.

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