Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.

It's been ages since I've written a proper blog post, all I've been doing lately is posting pointless blogs which are either videos or pictures. I apologise. Things have been pretty busy lately; Personal Project's due on Monday! I'm really nervous about it but luckily we have a 'No Homework Day' on Friday and the weekend so I'll get to work really hard on it then! I'm not expecting to get an amazing mark though, just a pass. I'm a little 'cheesed off' at my supervisor, because the project is due on Monday but he won't reply to my emails and then when we did a mock up marking of my project he gave me a low grade for Personal Engagement, but the thing is he hardly ever replies to my emails and he ignores me when he sees me at school! Gerg :(

This week's had it's ups and downs. I'll go through what happened chronologically.


Monday morning started off with math. To most people this would be icky, but those people don't have the legend that is Mr. Linaker aka Bob for math. At the beginning of math class we usually walk in, sit down and Bob gives us a factoid or some sort of kooky fact for the day, sometimes he does this at the end of the class as well. Anyway on Monday we sat down and he started telling us whose birthday it was today. Then,

Bob: Oh! And today's this famous bald guy with a red birth mark on his head's birthday.
*Moment of silence which seemed to last 58920785760762 years*
Class: lolllolllollollllolllollollololllol!
Bob: Noooooo, not me! I meant (some dead Russian politician)
Ploy: Hoh.

So, that was a little silly of me but I remember him saying that his birthday was in March so I just assumed it was his birthday. I guess Dad was right when he said "When you assume you make an ASS out of U and Me". Cooooooooool.

After lunch we had athletics, which I hate to the moon and back. I just think running is pointless because it's not like soccer or something where you have to think about what you're doing. I just hate it because it gives me time to think and I hate thinking and to top that off I also have a really short attention span.

After school I had yoga. This coming Monday will be the last lesson. Nooooooooooo! Not many people turned up to class but that didn't really matter. While we were stretching somebody farted. I lol'd.


I was 'sick' on Tuesday so I stayed home. I got lots of work done on my Personal Project. Yay! Sadly I didn't get to sleep until 1am. Erk.


Wednesday was my mum's birthday! Happy Birthday Mum! Unfortunately it didn't get off to a good start. I was left for school late, as per usual. I was in a rush and was trying to tuck my top in nicely when mum started yelling at me but because it was her birthday I had to be nice to her. As she was yelling "PLOY YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!", my finger got caught on the detailing at the front of my shirt and I tore it. Oh the calamity :( I couldn't yell something rude back at her or tell her to go away like I normally would and I was pretty much farting with rage after tearing my top so all I could do was yell "I'M WELL AWARE OF THAT MOTHER!" back at her and continue tucking my top in hastily. Anyway when I got to school I wasn't even late! So that pissed me off because I ripped some of the detailing on my favourite top!

When I got to school everybody was like "OH were you "sick" yesterday Ploy?". I like how nobody was genuinely concerned for my health. They all just automatically assumed I was faking, which I was, but it still would've been nice if somebody had asked if I was sick as opposed to "sick".

We had P.E. last period and it wasn't that bad. We had to do a 6 minute run and I was happy because I ran, well jogged, for 6 minutes without stopping. I was proud of myself!

After school I hung around with Song My and Migara for an hour. Song My brought a yellow umbrella to school and while we were sitting at the picnic tables Migara thought it would me funny to hook the umbrella handle around my ankle and pull. Needless to say I didn't find it as amusing as he did. Then my mum came and she brought us cake! I was being fat and ate it, but in all fairness I did just have P.E. Mum's weird in the sense that on her birthday she wants to give to others rather than take from others. It's lovely, and it shows just how different we are.

Dad came back from Thailand on Wednesday as well. I've spoken to him on the phone but haven't seen him in the flesh yet. Things didn't go to well because he tried to lecture me but I just wasn't in the mood because I was tired and grumpy so I hung up on him. Oh how I love phones. I'm going to have to deal with him on Friday though. Eeek.


Today started off with French class. We were let out of homeroom 10 minutes late so we were 'en retard'. We being Finja, Jonathan and I. I had my oral today and I went first. I hate calling them orals. You can say that my mind is in the gutter, I don't mind. I can't help it. I prefer calling them speaking tests. Anyway I went first and it was nerve wracking. I was sweating like a mad woman and she made me start over because it sounded to recited, when it was meant to sound like a casual conversation. It went alright but I could've done better. I only practiced it aloud a few times but I did record it and listen to it for two and a half hours straight while I did homework last night. 

After I did my oral I had to go into the normal classroom and get the normal person, this is where things started to go pear-shaped. The door to Ms. Cibre's class room pushes open but I pulled on it really hard and the door handle came off! I nearly died. I was banging on the door so somebody would let me in and they were all like ' :| LOLLOLLLOLOL' then Ms. Cibre came in and was like "What eez happening?" and then she was like "What haz happened to zee doorknob?!" and I was standing there like an idiot with the door handle in my hand. 

Next period was Advisory which was boring and didn't really matter because it isn't even a real class. After Advisory we had P.E. Ew. We had a sub because the Febster's away :( We didn't have to do 1500. Great Happiness! But we had to do 100m instead. In the rain. With toads. My fringe got fucked up by the rain, sweat and wind. It made me sad.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. We had chemistry last period and I was so lost. I had MUN after school and that was average as well. 

Now I'm at home and it's quarter to 9 and I haven't started on my homework yet. I have really bad time management skills. 

I promise I'll blog more often from now on :)


    lol simon and garfunkel lyrics as title?

  2. haha.
    yes! the sound of silence is a goood song :)