The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural

I saw this picture and it got me thinking.
Today I was just bumming around and wouldn't be seeing anybody that mattered yet this morning after cleaning up I still put on make up. I don't know why either. 
I guess wearing make up makes me feel better about myself. That sounds horrible but it's true. Whenever I go out in public I must be wearing some form of make up, be it mascara, lip gloss, bronzer, blush or just some tinted moisturiser. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only girl who feels like this. It's not that I feel ugly without make up on... but I just don't feel pretty. There have been rare occassions where I have felt pretty without make up on but the number of times I have felt unattractive without it out weigh those by a mile. 
Another thing which really erks me is when people, particularly men, well no just men! Okay so I hate how they go on about how they wish women/girls wouldn't wear so much make up and that we should all just go natural because that's what's the most beautiful. I can safely say that if you saw half of the women who you consider beautiful without make up you'd be shocked, and maybe even disgusted. No, disgusted is such a harsh word but you get what I mean. Make up can make a world's difference to some people. It hides flaws, accentuates and just makes everything and everybody look and feel better.
I think make up is great and would be lost without mine but I also think the whole concept of make up is quite depressing really. To feel good about ourselves and look nice we need to use something that's come out of a tube or bottle. We go on about natural beauty but in today's society is there really such a thing. We have make up to help us achieve the natural look so there's really nothing natural about it. 
I just don't know. It makes me feel sad but as much as it upsets me I would be even more upset if I had no make up, but maybe the world and our idea of beauty would be dramatically different if we didn't have make up or felt the need to use it. Sometimes I wish I hadn't started using it so then maybe I wouldn't feel that I needed it. 

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