I have learned that even landlocked lovers yearn for the sea like navy men

I was sick today, so I didn't go to school. In some ways this is good but in some ways it's bad. I liked it because I got to laze about drinking various teas and munching on orange strepsil whilst sketching, reading and listening to a lot of Death Cab For Cutie. On the other hand it sucked because my head and throat were hurting like hell. Mum also went out for the day to "get out of my hair" so I was awful lonely. Usually I like being alone but being sick at the same time isn't so great. It also hasn't been so great because I can't eat anything without feeling like vomiting every where even though I am kind of hungry.
I'm going to stop blithering inanely now. Oh! I also finally took pictures of the shoes now. Please ignore my face, my only option was to take pictures of them on the webcam seeing as I don't have a digital camera nor do I have a phone camera because I don't have a phone anymore. What a terrible life I have. Speaking of phones, my parents have decided that I won't be getting a new one until June because apparently I can get a slightly less crap one for the same price of a crap one here in Melbourne. OH! Speaking of Melbourne, we're booked our plane tickets and I'll be going back for 8 weeks on 15th June. That's only 68 days away. How scary, yet delightful! Anyway I've changed my mind about the shoes and quite like them and I really just want to share them with all of you now :}

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