Suburban Kids With Biblical Names,

Lykke Li, Sigur Ros, I'm From Barcelona. I'm falling in love with Scandinavian music, I'm not sure if Iceland is part of Scandinavia but I think it is. It's different, it inspires me and it makes me smile. That's what music's supposed to do, yeah? Yesterday at assembly the music class performed 'We're From Barcelona' by I'm From Barcelona, and that pretty much made my day.

Aside from Scandinavian music another one of my new obsessions is Twitter. At first I thought the whole concept of it didn't really appeal to me but after being persuaded into creating an account the other night I've become addicted. It gives me an undeserved sense of importance because I have 16 people following me, some of which are completely random. I've also become addicted to following other people, well "celebs". There are also the randomest "famous" people on Twitter, as in Chewbacca and Condoleeza 'Condi' Rice. It makes me lol. My dad wanted to get Twitter but I said he couldn't but now that I actually have one myself and understand it, I'm thinking of letting him get one for shits and giggles.

Well, I'm writing this post from chemistry class. We have a sub. Actually for a lot of my lessons this week I've had subs, I don't know where the teachers have gone. Because of the all the subsitutes a lot of this week's lessons have been unproductive, difficult to understand and pointless. Most of my time's been spent 'tweeting' and looking at the NYLON website. I used to this NYLON was rubbish but it really has started to grow on me. 

Towards the end of this week I've been feeling a little unloved but I deserve it so I'm not too fussed about it. To kind of escape from the feeling I sat with some different people at lunch time. They were lovely. 

Anyway it's a Friday and unlike a normal teenager I'm not really looking forward to the weekend because there's a shitload of homework waiting for me. Ew. Today I have the orthodontist straight after school which means French people sticking their fingers in my mouth. Joy. This blogpost isn't to enthralling. Nor was the last one. Science class doesn't really inspire me. Infact lately I've been feeling uninspired; I haven't designed, sketched or written anything in a while. It feels like there's nothing to write about. I'm not sure if it's me or the place I'm in. I have a feeling it's the place though. I need a change. It's so dull here. Everything is. The weather, the people, the landscape. There's no fashion or music scene here to inspire me. All the colours outside are dull and muted. It's all very depressing. I can't wait til the summer so I can leave and have a well deserved break from this place. 

Speaking of the weather, may I just say that the weather here is crap. The weather forecasts for Hanoi always seem to be wrong as well. I have this theory that the weather reports are all a communist conspiracy. I shall delve further into that later though because I'm not really in the mood for writing write now. 

Later I'll post pictures of the shoes mum bought me from Thailand which, after a week, I'm still unsure of; I can't tell if they're trendy or just plain trashy. 

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