Innocence and arrogance entwined, in the filthiest of minds

I'm really bad at keeping up with my blog. I go through phases where I post blogs nonstop, and then there are times where I just don't. Sorry. Lately I've been really tired and have just felt like crawling up into a ball and staying there forever. Everything has been busy. School is hectic. There are so many things that need to be done. Thankfully this weekend's a long weekend but there's so much work waiting to be done that it won't feel like a holiday at all. I hate how school does this. After this long weekend there's one more long weekend then it's just solid school for a while but then it'll be summer! Melbourne here I come!

Recently I've noticed that looks can be deceiving, and I don't mean this in a bad way. The people who seem the most innocent can be the complete opposite. For example, recently I was with somebody who is the stereotype of docile Asian boy. I turned away for like 5 seconds, then turn back around to find him buying a packet of cigarettes. I was taken aback. Also the people who seem cold or "scary" sometimes turn out to be the most caring and empathetic of all. I love it when I make discoveries like that.

I've also discovered Twitter. Well I didn't 'discover' it per se. I'd heard of it before and sort of thought it was lame. Anyway a friend of mine convinced me to sign up and now I'm addicted. It's just like updating your Facebook status but that's all it is. Brilliant! It's tres addictive. You should all get one.

Today I was rather sulky because I didn't get my way but after conversing with my father via email I've decided that it's just life and there will be other times. I'm also really tired and have lots of school work so it wouldn't be wise anyway. Speaking of school work I've gotten two good grades this week. I was very suprised, but happy nonetheless!

This blog post lacked depth and the content wasn't that great. Sorry. But I really need to get started on my homework. Particularly my MUN policy statements which were due, what? 3 weeks ago. Hah. I feel obligated to do them now because Ms. Hofman hugged me yesterday.I also need to get started on my commentary. Ew.

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