I miss your embrace, sideways happy face

Once again I'm writing whilst at home on a school day, and once again I'm actually sick. I don't know what's wrong. My immune system just seems to have given up. I've been sick a lot lately. Actually I've gotten sick more times in Vietnam than I did in Malaysia and Australia put together; as beautiful as it is here, it's not very clean.

All this time free time I've had lead me to old issues of NYLON which I had lying around and I decided to listen to some of the musicians mentioned. I decided to take a chance and listen to some of the rap artists mentioned in NYLON and was pleasantly surprised. Although I don't necessarily like rap, I have learnt to appreciate it and have gotten over my whole "RAHRAHRAH I'M SO BR00T4L" and "I hate anything that isn't dark, morbid and depressing" stages. However I still much prefer hardcore to rap, no questions asked.

Aside from homework and perusing through old magazines, all of this spare time has allowed me to think about everything that is wrong with myself. Well, not wrong but the things that I could improve on. I am an avid list maker so I decided to make one of all the things that I want to do/improve on/fix. In a way they're sort of like New Year's resolutions, but you don't have to wait til the new year comes around to engage in some self-improvement!
  1. I want to become better at managing my time
  2. I want to talk to people more
  3. I want to become a better listener and be more understanding
  4. I want to calm down and be more "chill"
  5. I want to get active
  6. I want to eat healthier
  7. I want to be more open minded
  8. I want to be more creative
  9. I want to healthier sleep habits
  10. I want to read more

Those are the main ones, and the only ones that come to mind right away. The first one if the most important however the list isn't really in any particular order. I need to become better at managing my time because at the moment I don't start my homework til 8 and am up until midnight most nights doing it, and in the mornings I am a total zombie. I need my sleep. Anyway I really should be doing homework right now. I'm very easily distracted by things like blogs, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, MSN, etc. I really don't feel like it though; my tummy hurts so much. I just want to crawl up in bed and cry.

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