Take off your colours, Who are you wearing them for? All respect was left at the door.

Two blogposts in a row, yeow! Well I was sick today , so I spent yet another day at home. Thankfully I didn't miss anything important. It was athletics day today, but I missed it because I was actually sick. I don't mind staying at home when I'm pretending to be sick but being home when you're actually sick isn't quite so wonderful. However, all this time alone has given me time to think about myself. I've decided to grow up and just get over myself and other things. Yeah, sometimes shit gets bad but that's life. I've cleaned some things up and I'm ready to make a fresh start. Anyway, back to athletics day. I was away today and Lions, the house I'm in, won. That says a lot. The last sports day at school was the swimming carnival in which I actively participated and my house came last. I didn't show up to this one and my house won. I get the point now. Sports have neve been my forte. Well no, that's a lie. Believe it or not I used to play teams sports quite well and swam, played tennis and horse rode weekly, but everything went downhill once puberty hit. Lame.

Well, I'm back to school tomorrow! This is good and bad depending on who you are and how you look at it. I'm happy to be going back because it means I'll get to interact with other human beings face-to-face and I'll get to breathe in the fresh air etc. I'm sad because it means no more sleeping in, humanities presentations, french written assessments, math tests, no tea, and face-to-face interaction with other human beings. Owh well, you can't always win. 

There's not much to write since I didn't do much today. I did more sketching however! I love designing clothes. Clothes make me happy. Not just owning them but the way they look and just everything about them. When I grow up I want to wake up every morning and look forward to going to work, and I know working in fashion would do that for me. What makes me sad is thelack of fashion in Vietnam. It's all very uninspiring. I try my hardest to see the beauty in things, but honestly, the fashion here makes me want to vomit. No joke. Maybe it's different in the south but in Hanoi it's awful. To make up for it I spend copious amounts of time browsing clothing store websites, fashion magazine websites, chictopia, lookbook and random blogs for inspiration. There are so many beautiful and creative people out there. I wish I had the guts to dress like that but people here aren't so open minded nor do they understand so I'm pretty sure they'd make fun of me. I know I shouldn't care, but I do. At the moment my wardrobe is also pretty limited but I'm looking forward to going back to Melbourne for the summer and making some purchases. This summer it'll be winter in Melbourne, if that makes sense, and I adore winter clothing. I love all the layering and knits. I'm thinking about whether or not I want to invest in a leather jacket, but they're quite expensive. The ones I've seen and liked have all been over $100 and I don't want to blow my budget. I'd also only get to wear it for a few weeks before coming back to the Hanoi heat. I also don't know if I could pull it off. I'm also planning on buying several cardigans and oversized jumpers. I also want several pairs of coloured/patterned tights and a nice pair of ankle boots. I have my eye on a pair by Rubi atm and they're not too expensive either. Aside from clothes I'm also planning on getting the second hole in my ear lobe re-pierced because I miss it. I'm also thinking about whether or not I want a tragus piercing but it would be awfully painful and I'd need to convince my parents, but most importantly, like the leather jacket, I don't know if I could pull it off. Anyway it's just an idea.

In other news! Babycakes released their sunglasses, which is really exciting! What makes it even more exciting is that Hanna Beth is modelling them. I would go gay for her, no questions asked. Just the fact that she's wearing them is enough to make me want to buy the glasses.

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